2017 Syrah $24.00

An inviting red wine that is bolder on the opening with fruit forward balanced using American Oak that gives a taste of jams, spices and a touch of pepper with earthy complexity.  (14.89% alc)
Aged in American Oak

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon $28.00

An extremely approachable wine with aromas of fruit, cherry and spice with hints of licorice and vanilla enhanced by using American Oak offering a Cabernet with a great mouthfeel and lasting finish.

(13.78% alc).

2018 Jett Fuel 375 ML  $29.00

100% Reserve Petite Sirah Dessert Wine- A small batch fortified with brandy offering aromas of blackberry and a sweet berry and vanilla like finish from aging in American Oak for 1 year.   Available Only available in the tasting room.

2017  Maggie Merlot $24.00                                          
A  smooth and delicate ruby colored wine with an aroma of baking spice and notes of vanilla and lime that offers a delightful lingering finish.  (14% alc) 

New Release

2017 LoCo Premium Red Blend $26.00  
A blend comprised of 50% Cabernet 25% Syrah and 25% Merlot.  This wine is approachable with an exceptional balance of robust fruity flavors with a hint of pepper with a long and smooth finish.  Aged in American Oak

also available @ these locations

  • THE TWISTED CORK - 210 SW 6TH Street, Grants Pass
  • LAUGHING CLAM - 121 SW G St, Grants Pass
  • Larks Restaurant @ Inn at the Commons - 200 N Riverside Ave, Medford
  • BOHEMIAN BAR & BISTRO - 233 SW G Street, Grants Pass
  • HARRY AND DAVID - 1314 Center Drive, Medford
  • CARTWRIGHT'S VALLEY MEAT CO - 825 Union Ave, Grants Pass
  • HIDDEN VALLEY MARKET  -  7200 Williams Hwy. Murphy
  • FRANK N STENE'S MONSTER GROWLERS - 950 6th Street, Grants Pass
  • RUCH COUNTRY STORE - 7350 Hwy 238, Ruch
  • APPLEGATE RIVER GOLF CLUB -  7350  New Hope Rd, Grants Pass